Friday, July 27, 2012

Fit Friday

Even though I absolutely didn't want to I stepped on the scale this morning and was super nervous because, as I mentioned in my last quick post, I ate a lot of popcorn last night which (for me anyway) has a history of affecting the scale due to it's high sodium content. However, I think that since I've been consistently drinking over a gallon of water a day it sort of balanced it out.

I was down one pound (since Monday).

I'll take it!

Even though I haven't been able to do "organized exercised" every day this week, I have been watching my bodybugg and constantly just trying to up my calorie burn through little things and I think (slowly) it is paying off.

So - week one - down one!


Total lost: 21 lbs.
Still to lose (to ultimate goal): 34 lbs.


  1. That's awesome! People always told me that breastfeeding helped burn calories but it always made me eat like a starved person!!

    1. I am finding that I have to eat about 500 more calories a day (so at least about 1700/day) than I ate last summer when losing weight so that I don't starve and so that I actually lose! If I don't eat enough now I don't lose more, I stop losing. It's weird (and hard to get through my head!).