Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A gold star sticker at least?

You know how kids get rewarded with a sucker at the bank because the bank is so boring that even the bank knows it so they hand out candy to call it even with the littles? Well I'm pretty sure that after today I deserve something real nice too, because even though it was going to be a super busy day (like the kind of busy we pray over on our way to the car) and I had all my kids with me along for the ride (for which I  offered up a silent prayer of my own), we totally kicked today's a**. (And I'm only comparing my reward with kids' at the bank because I totally know how torturous going to the bank is and those suckers are well deserved.)

Here's a run down of the day:

We headed out of the house before noon which in and of itself is a major accomplishment. [ Note: Must get better at this before school starts on Tuesday. ] As soon as we got to town we went to three stores and did some quick returns (one of them being workout pants that got too big before I could even wear them - WIN!). Next we grabbed Subway for lunch (the dieting girl's best friend -  good thing my kids are forced to used to eating healthy) and nursed the baby in a parking lot while the kids ate their sandwiches in the backseat of the car classy is not lost on us, folks. After that we got the car washed, then went to get mine and Natalie's hair cut (Natalie and I's? Natalie and mine? Natalie and... oh seriously I give up - we both got hair cuts). After being in the salon for a good hour, I finally had a chance to grab sanity in a cup some coffee and felt mildly prepared to attack school supply shopping at Target followed immediately before the caffeine wore off by grocery shopping. Our last stop was Jeff's office to check in on the plan for the rest of the evening (I had realized halfway into town that my phone was dead), and then finally, for the love of Starbucks we headed home - smiling!

{Awkwardly holds out hands...}

So seriously, where's my medal?



  1. Wait....you meant you got your haircut, Natalie got her haircut, while your other THREE kids sat in a beauty salon and no cops were called? I'm thinking the baby slept but, still?? My eye starts twitching just thinking of attempting that with my boys.

    I'd say, you being able to do that? THAT'S your medal! You've got great kids and that doesn't happen by accident, my dear!

    1. Fischer didn't sleep during the hair cuts, but Carter and Natalie took turns holding him while I got mine cut, so it worked out. My hair dresser is awesomely patient (and used to my kids, haha) so that helped, too. ;)

      And thank you for the compliment. Our kids are very well behaved (I actually had a great time with them yesterday!) there's just, well, a lot of them. Haha! Besides the baby's 2 melt-downs (Target and Winco) and Starbucks accidentally forgetting to make my coffee decaf (the second coffee of the day mind you) it was a great success. I got rewarded with Papa Murphy's delite pizza on the way home (which to me is better than a gold medal). :)