Friday, August 31, 2012

Fit Friday

Wooohoooo! Another 2 1/2 pounds down!

I did not get in as many "organized" workouts (like actual runs, or Ripped in 30 sessions) as I would have liked this week, but I ate super healthy and made sure that I was still pretty active so my calorie burn was up enough.

My younger brother is going to be home this weekend and we're having a big potluck-style b-b-q on Saturday and a big breakfast oh shoot! I'm supposed to be in charge of that! on Sunday which makes "dieting" challenging, but I'm going to power through and just make it a goal for the week to not gain weight.

Here's to another week!


Total lost: 29 1/2 lbs.

Still to lose (to ultimate goal): 25 1/2

1 comment:

  1. You are awesome. I may need to join you in this venture of weight loss soon, it's not melting off this time... :-)