Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hangin' with the littles.

Natalie and Carter are in in central Oregon for the week (with Grandparents), so it's just the little boys my big boy Jack and baby Fischer at home.

We went to the lake yesterday and met up with Jack's best buddy, Noah, and his mommy (who also has a newborn - so we completely sympathize with each others inability to complete thoughts/sentences/...) and it's always fun soaking up the sun on a hot day at the lake with good friends.

In other news, my parents found a bike for Jack that fits him perfectly and it has no training wheels (!) on it. After about, oh, ONE trial run with my Dad holding on to the back of the bike, Jack just took off and is a champ now! Stopping and getting off the bike is still challenging, but the riding part he has down. It's adorable and he can't wait to surprise "his kids" with his new mad-two-wheel-riding-skills
when they get home.

Also? Jack's totally into the bike racing on the Olympics now.

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