Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh my heart.

Since Jeff was the only responsible parent one who remembered to bring a camera on our little excursion last weekend (no, I don't have a phone that cool), I had to download all of his millions of hunting pictures onto my computer to post the four pictures I wanted to have (yes, you would be correct in guessing that I'm not technologically advanced in the least).

When I went through those pictures I did find some oldies but goodies of the kids amongst the hunting adventure pictures. When on earth were my kids that little? How can it feel like forever ago and feel like yesterday at the same time? {Wow, I sound like my Mom.}

It was not a good find for the week before school starts because after reviewing these pictures I'm realizing how fast it all goes... and now I just want to keep all my kids home with me and never let them out of my sight so they don't do one cute thing without my eyes on them. {Yes, I realize how I sound and no, I don't care that in this moment I'm "that" Mom.}

Natalie 4 1/2 - Carter 3

Jack - 5 weeks (and yes, that was me)

Gah! I just want to squeeze those adorable not-fighting-kids!

So proud of herself. (That's MY girl!)

Jack - about 9 months? ...Actually I have no idea. Don't judge me.

My three biggest littles when they were actually still fairly little (5, 4, and 11 months).

And now. Man I love these kids! (9, 8, and 4 1/2)
Oh how I miss having my heart inside my body.

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