Monday, November 5, 2012

Family, football, and FUN in the fall - my favorite!

As always we had a super busy weekend (emphasis on "super"). It was fun, but it was BUSY.

Saturday started bright and early with leaving the house before 8am to get the kids to the first game of their soccer tournament.

Carter is the goalie in the orange and Natalie is next to him (telling him what to do).

We spent the better part of Saturday at the games (the kids played 3 that day and after losing 2 of them, were out of the tournament and didn't need to go back on Sunday thankgoodness). After we finished up at the games we ran home to do feed all the animals and bathe the kids and then headed down to Jeff's parents' place where we had dinner and watched the football games (GO BEAVS!!!). ALL of Jeff's siblings were there with their families, so it was great having everyone together.

We got home late that night and got up early Sunday morning to head to Jeff's parents' church where they were holding a fundraiser breakfast (for missions I believe). Again, all of Jeff's siblings met up there and it was so fun to see the pride on his parents' faces to have all their kids and grandkids in one place for a meal. We had a great time laughing it up and hanging out.
Fischer and Xyla

I think this is the first family picture since Fischer was born...oops.
After breakfast we headed to the service at our church. Since it was such a (rare) gorgeous day, after church we grabbed some super healthy lunch corndogs and fried potatoes and headed to a local park to enjoy the sunshine, falling leaves, and some more time with family (Jeremi, Shane, and Micah).
Uncle Shane (Jeremi's husband) and Jack. This picture just melts my heart!

It was Jeremi and Jeff vs. the kids. Still not sure who "won". ;)

Jeff jokingly said, "This one's for FB!" (So I obviously had to make a ridiculous I'mtryingtolookskinny face because that's what you do for FB pics, amIright?)
After the few hours at the park, we went home. We changed into our "farm clothes" and loaded our guns. (Yes, you read that right.) We loaded our guns and nailed some paper plates to tree stumps (because we're classy like that) and had fun with some target practice. I got to shoot my new handgun (that has a totally bad-a$$ built in laser grip)...and then I shot Jeff's crazy gun, too. Whew. You need a stress reliever - this will do the trick.
This is what I plan to carry with me on my runs because there have been so many cougar sightings around here lately.
Jeff just got this gun this past week. It was amazingly fun to shoot.
Needless to say, after this weekend I did not have any trouble falling asleep last night.



  1. Karey... I was going to comment on your hunky-dorey family weekend, but then I read about the guns.

    Gosh, you're so hardcore. I shot a gun once {trapshoot?} at a fake bird, and I thought I was the beez-neez. You top me. :)

    1. Ha! I guess it did look a Bunch until the guns, huh? So close (but in reality SOOOO far away). ;)

  2. Love the pictures and the pose worked, you look super skinny! Of course, all your hard work probably helps, too. ( :

    I haven't shot any gun in SO long. Maybe I should?