Friday, November 2, 2012

A little awkward.

Every Thursday night my sister in law (AKA: one of my best friends) and I take our kids to our church where they attend AWANA (kid classes that teach them more about Jesus and God's Word etc.). We love the classes (and not just because we it gives us 2 hours without having to answer to the name, "Mommy").

So last night was no exception. We drop the kids off and head to the nearest Dutch Brothers (on our way to Target - obviously) to grab our Americanos with cream (Y.U.M.). Since I'm off refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, I always carry Stevia in my car with me and hand a little packet of it to the baristas to add to my drink. It was a guy/kid working there last night (is it sad that I consider someone about the age of 19 a "kid" now? I'm old.) and after we ordered he asked us what we were up to (pretty sure they're required to do that) so I told him we just dropped the kids off at church and were headed out to run some errands. He's stirring our drinks and then he opens up the Stevia packets and as he's pouring the white powder into our cups he asks, "So what is this stuff anyway?" Without skipping a beat, I jokingly (!) reply, "Cocaine."

Two things.

1) I have no filter.

2) Seriously. I have no filter.

My sister (who had joked earlier about it) reminded me (while laughing her head off at the crap that just flies out of my mouth in public I blame Jeff) that not 30 seconds earlier I had told him that we just got done dropping our kids off at church. What a witness I am.

Luckily the man child kid laughed and ribbed us right back (and luckily, at least I think, he didn't write down our license plate number or call the cops on us as we were driving away or maybe they just didn't look in the Target parking lot?).

Okay. So we leave there and have a blissful time in Target and then head back to get the kids. By this time Fischer is sleeping in the car and so when we get to the church Jeremi says she'll stay in the car with the baby while I run in and get the older kids.

I send the girls (Micah and Natalie) out to the car while I go to Carter and Jack's classrooms to pick them up. As we're heading out the door the leader of AWANA (Brad) says (in reference to my kids), "You got em' all?" I'm walking past him and say, "Yep! Thank you!" And he puts his hand up and sort of waves as we're walking past. Only since I'm in my social-awkwardly-weird phase after the Dutch Bro's incident, I look at his hand up in the air (waving) and for some reason interpret it as an invitation to give him a high-five.

He just sort of takes his hand away as I'm mid-high-five and I slowly bring my jumpthegun hand down to my side and dart my eyes away from his face (so as not to make the whole situation worse by actually making eye contact?) and take off to the safety of my car lest I be mortified by doing something else involuntarily before my brain kicks in and says, "Notagoodchoice."

Must be all the drugs in my coffee.


Oh, and for future reference: A hand waving like this one? Apparently it's NOT asking for a high-five.
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And for Fit Friday:

Down 1.2 this week!

Total lost: 43.2

Still to lose (to ultimate goal): 16.8


  1. BWAHAHAHAH!! I love everything about this. Especially the high five. You are awesome.

    1. I'd say, "Thanks. I try." But hoenstly? I don't - it just flies out like I-don't-know-what. Cheap entertainment for us all I guess. :)

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha....whew...hahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    PS. Great job on the loss, I *might* think you suck ;-)

  3. Oh Karey, this *almost* tops the whole "my cousin was checking me out" incident. Almost.

    1. I forgot about that one (and it was only a few months ago)! Hahahaha I LOVE that one! (And for the record: I did look pretty hot prego.) ;)