Friday, November 16, 2012

this and that

Carter convinced me the other day that he went to school without underwear on (he was kidding - but I did not know this for quite some time).


Jack is at his friend's house right now. Like a "hang out" time. He's not even 5 yet and he's already got a best friend. I love that.


On Tuesday Jack turns 5, on Wednesday Natalie turns 10 (someone hold me), and Fischer turns 6 months on Thursday, so obviously I'm pulling out all the stops and heading to Pinterest to make the coolest decorations and food/cakes for a HUGE party and it's going to be so much fun!

Oh, wait, I just remembered... No I'm not. We're having a small family party at my in-law's house on Thanksgiving evening and we're sticking candles in pie (don't worry - they get to choose what kind of pie and Jeff's Mom is making them special for each kid). So, I'm not getting Mother-of-the-Year this year, but that should not come as a shock to any of you, amIright? Plus I'll probably go to the dollar store and get birthday decorations so it feels party-ish... (Don't judge me. I'm tired...or lazy something.)


I'm less than five pounds away from being what I weighed when I graduated high school.  HOLLA!!! However, I feel that it should be noted that I was not exactly thin when I graduated. So there's that. But I'm still stoked because I've not been this weight since then, so I don't mean to brag,'s kind of a big deal.

That being said - I lost 2.2 this week (and .6 last week) for a grand total of 46 pounds.

(Still to lose: 14 lbs.)


Welp, Holly, even though they were really great tips, I'm pretty sure that on my first post "back" I failed at following any of the helpful hints for blogging you gave. I'll try harder next time. Pinky-swear. ;)

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  1. I was actually coming on here to harass you about your lack of posting and saw this! So, no harassing. Today.

    That is so awesome that you've lost 40+ pounds!! You've worked very hard and deserve to gloat.

    And, who knows, maybe you'll inspire this lazy person to get workin'!