Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Be thankful.

It looked a lot like a Sunday morning around these parts today. On Sunday mornings we're all scrambling to get dressed, fed, grab our Bibles and head out the door to be to church on time. Usually we're running late, the kids are fighting and I'm yelling at everyone to "Just ignore them and do what *you're* supposed to be doing!" By the time we get to the car we're already running late, half of the kids are in tears, and our coffee is cold. Everyone is frustrated and it feels pretty convicting to be headed to church to praise the Lord who laid down his life in forgiveness for the very behavior we were just demonstrating.

Even though I really blew it this morning (it was a bit howdoIsayit...crazy around here) I'm ready to focus on what matters. I'm making my heart be obedient to what I know I need to do, and that's simply letting it all go. I'm choosing not to stress out about the dozen or so things I forgot to get at the store. I'm not worrying about the weather and the flooding that is taking place on our property as we speak. I'm not going to dwell on how exhausted I am because of a certain baby boy who has been awake more than asleep at all hours of the night lately.

I'm choosing joy today. I'm choosing peace. I'm choosing to thank my Lord and Savior for all the blessings He's so graciously lavished on me even though there is simply no way I could ever deserve even a portion of them. Even though when he was dying on the cross he knew that I would never be able to repay him for what he was doing, he chose to do it anyway because he loves me. When I think about it THAT way, I realize I have no reason not to be thankful.

Be thankful.

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