Friday, November 23, 2012

Fit Friday


It's the day after Thanksgiving and if you actually thought I was going to step on that scale today YOUZ CRAY-ZEE!

{I did manage to get a workout in on Thanksgiving morning though which, I have to admit, was a first for at least there's that, right?}


  1. Hey it's Thanksgiving stay away from that scale! Says the girl who just ate black forest cake for breakfast. There's cherries, do they count as fruit? Man I need to work out again!

    (BTW it's Sheri from BZ ;)

    1. Haha, Sheri! (I knew who you were!) :) I agree, and I stayed away. For the most part I did well, just not as active as I'd like, but I kept up with my no sugar/artificial sweetener by eating Satsuma oranges like they were going out of style. Whatever works, right? ;)

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!

    2. LOL I wasn't sure if you would know it was me, gotta be thorough and all that. Good for you for staying away from all the sugar! I was doing so good there for awhile but I have fallen away from my plan I need to get back to that...shall I say this week? I'll start tomorrow, since the cake is gone...haha Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! :)