Friday, January 3, 2014

...and so it begins.

Since the 3rd/4th grade boys basketball team at our school only had four kids sign up (and they're all my closest friends' kids - we're a really small school) Jeff and I had a long conversation and ended up deciding to allow Carter to play so that there will at least be enough kids for a team. This means that (at least part of) every Saturday from January 18th-mid March will be spent watching this sweet little team WIN play basketball.

I'm trying to focus on the joy it will bring to our son and the skills he will acquire during this season (my running partner's husband is their coach and he's GREAT) and that Jeff's love of basketball will bond him and Carter even closer as they'll have one more activity they'll love doing together.

I'm trying not to focus on the fact that we'll be dragging taking our three other kids to the games and trying to keep them occupied and not too distracted while we watch and cheer. I'm trying not to focus on the details (like gas money, weekends away, getting up early every Saturday...) and make this a fun adventure.'s hard not to think of it as the beginning of the end. Our kids love sports. Soccer was easier because although they enjoyed it, they knew it wasn't something they'd be doing forever (it's only offered through 6th grade here), but basketball? Once they start, they'll be playing through high school {sigh} but we know they're just going to love it like Jeff and I did as kids.

We had already agreed to let Natalie do track as a 5th grader this year (for the middle school). She is beyond excited. Since my Dad was a track coach for years and both of my brothers were track champs, she's pretty stoked for that, too.

So, here we go. Into the abyss of organized sports.

I guess we'll see you guys after graduation. Over and out.

{Mostly kidding. But seriously.}

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  1. Sigh..organized sports..

    Jeven finished basketball right before Christmas. He hated it. But, we insisted (bribed) he finish the season.
    Jarrett starts next week.

    I have my own opinions about the whole thing but I won't voice it now. I will let you form your own.

    Whatever your opinion is now or will be after the season's over, I do hope Carter has fun and you guys get some awesome memories out of the whole thing! ( :