Monday, January 6, 2014

life with "just" mommy

First of all this, because obviously.

Jack is missing his Daddy. Today after school we're going to make a paper chain and hold hands while singing Kumbaya to count down the days until Jeff gets home so we he has a visual because right now? Not handling things well.

He wouldn't get out of the car at drop off this morning (first day back to school after the long break). Jack begged me to walk to his classroom but speaking from experience that's a death wish for Mama. That kid will cling to my leg like a Spider Monkey and beg me to stay for the whole morning. If that doesn't work, he'll say he has a stomach ache and needs to go back home lest he throw up the steel cut oats he ate for breakfast all over the classroom floor all while I'm standing in the doorway of the Kindergarten room in my yoga pants, beanie, and Bogs praying away his sweet little tears. It kills my pride me.

After an hour a few minutes of back and forth, we decided he'd let Carter walk him to his classroom and I agreed to park in a parking spot that has a direct view of his classroom door and then stand outside the car and wait so that when he got to his classroom he could turn and wave at me.

At this point I feel like I could be a negotiator for the FBI. I'm fairly certain any Mom would qualify, Lord knows we all acquire the skills eventually. It's exhausting but it has quickly become a survival skill and I'm not above putting it on a resume that I dream of needing someday.

So, day three without Daddy is underway; ten more to go.

The count down continues!

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