Thursday, January 23, 2014


Oh gosh. It's been crazy around here lately. The kind of crazy that requires me writing our schedule on an actual calendar. I've never had that busy of a schedule. It's actually annoying. Our family usually has a schedule that would look super pathetic written down, but it's becoming obvious that things be changin' 'round here.

So anyway, here's an overview (in pictures) of what's we've been up to since Jeff got home (PRAISE JESUS, he's home!).

This just because how could I not? That smile. OH THAT SMILE!

And this one, too. :)

Natalie had a Native American project to work on for the past few weeks. She *made* that dress (with the help of my Mom) - like they sewed it together. She also butchered a rabbit (well, my Dad did that part and don't worry, it wasn't a pet) and tanned the hide for the project as well. She is such an amazing student - she LOVES projects like this one and she did so amazingly well on it!

Such a pretty girl. Hard to believe it wasn't just yesterday they placed this 3 lb baby in my arms - she has grown up so incredibly fast!

First basket ball game for Carter (LEFT) this past Saturday. So much fun to watch him play! :)

Took a trip to the library between the basketball games. Fischer had fun "exploring" the library. {I did not have fun chasing him around making sure he didn't destroy the place.}


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Natalie's turn on the court!

Foggy and depressing? HEAD TO THE BEACH! {This was Sunday. It was gorgeous there!}

Warming buns by a beach fire. ;)

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