Saturday, January 4, 2014

leaving on a jet plane

Jeff left this morning for Nashville (and then from there he'll travel to Texas mid-week) and won't be home for almost two weeks. Is it weird that my heart physically hurts when he's gone? But seriously, it does {don't throw up}.

We got up at 3:30am this morning and I got to drive him to the airport. Even though it's freakishly early and I don't ever care to get up at that hour on a regular basis, I really liked getting that bit of time to have a cup of coffee with him and then the drive, too (35 minutes away - only possible because my parents were here if the kids had an emergency {which they didn't, obviously}). We got to talk and pray together on the way and it was just what our hearts needed. I know two weeks isn't a long time but it's still time away, you know?

Sometimes when he goes on business trips I dread the thought of parenting semi solo (granted, my parents are still around for a portion of the time) but after spending the whole day with my kids in town yesterday doing super fun errands like going to the bank and Costco, I was reminded just how amazing our kids are and that this next two weeks are going to be fine great.

Tennessee and Texas are lucky to have our guy for a little bit but they can't keep him. The two week count-down has begun!

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