Friday, April 2, 2010

A few things that make me happy

Alright. Since this week has been long and trying (for example: today I caught Jack trying to poke the puppy with a fork through the kennel door), I decided I needed a pick-me-up. So, here it is. A small list of things that make me happy. Just things that I need reminding of, because really it's the little things that it ends up all being about and I want it to be about the good little things, not the crazy "I swear if you do that one more time" little things.

~ the kids calling litter boxes "glitter boxes"

~fire burning in the fireplace

~going in to read the kids books before bed and coming out to realize that Jeff has done all the dishes from dinner and made the kids' lunches for the next day

~reading Romans

~the fact that I don't have to rewind dvds

~Jack folding his hands and bowing his head to pray, and then peeking to make sure Natalie and Carter are doing the same

~automatic garage doors

~Natalie being so excited to tryout for the talent show, even though the rules are... "no swear words, no lip syncing, and no Taylor Swift"

~Carter saluting me when I tell him (in a raised voice for the third time) to brush his teeth

~candles that smell like cinnamon

~how excited the kids get just to answer the phone

~going for a drive when it's cold out but the sun is shining right in the windows

~my husband *still* opening every door for me

~Fred Meyer playland

~walking in my bedroom after Jeff and the kids are gone in the morning to discover the bed already made

~my parents randomly stopping by "to see the kids" but knowing it's probably to make sure the kids are still alive

~my husband's huge smile when I drop by work just to say hello

~going for a run *outside*

~vacuum attachments that double as pretty much anything to two little boys

~vanilla flavored coffee made (automatically!) before I even wake up

~how driving down my parents driveway feels like "home" still. Every time.

~knowing without a doubt that I am saved by grace, through faith


  1. Karey, I actually have tears in my eyes. Lovely post.
    I was thinking today how awesome it is to get free "I love yous" from my kids. When they just randomly say "I love you, Mommy" and you know they mean it.

    Hope you guys have a wonderfully, blessed Easter!

  2. Thank you, Jackie. Hope you guys have a great Easter too! (And I love the random "I love you, Mommy"'s too. Melts my heart, every singe one of em'!)

  3. I love that post. To me, remembering those little things helps me remember not to take things for granted.

    PS, Ry was sitting with me when I was reading this and she pointed to your family picture and said "Ack!" (aka: Jack!) :-)