Friday, April 16, 2010

Taking My Me-Time

I had a post a while back where I wrote about how calm the house was and how great it felt in that moment. That's not this post.

This morning has been hectic. The energy has been high for everyone but me. I've decided that I just need to take 5 minutes (or 15) to myself and the ways that I achieve that goal have become less and less important as the morning has drug on. Speaking of drugs... no, just kidding, I didn't resort to drugging my children. This time. But I have taken our hyper puppy out to "potty" and put him in his kennel for a half an hour to "flippin' relax a bit!" to quote myself as I was locking the door behind him. I put PBS kids cartoons on the television in our bedroom and stuck my kids on the floor in there with a snack and told them not to move until Word World was over. And yes, we do have a tv in our bedroom even after seeing the Oprah show on how your sex life can suffer because of it. Right, like having a tv in the bedroom's got anything on the fact that we've got three kids.

So, here I sit. Taking my 15 minutes of "me time" to write about how hard it was to get the time in the first place. Welp, there it was. Snacks must be gone and Word World must be over. Time-in.

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