Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where is he again?

When Jeff first started travelling I studied his itinerary so diligently that I knew where he was every hour of every day just in case something happened and I had to get a hold of him. Now sometimes I get preoccupied when he's gone. After all, I have a lot to do taking care of the house, kids and dog (and myself when I can squeeze in a workout) especially when I'm doing it alone. When he's gone I take breaks to clear my head when I can get them such as going out to my parent's house for dinner one night, taking long drives just to have kids and puppy contained, watching far too much HGTV at night when I can't sleep, and watching absolutely no NCIS, CSI, or Monk. He's been travelling for business for four and a half years and although I wouldn't say it's gotten easier, apparently I have grown accustomed to it. Today a lady (the lady who works at the Fred Meyer Playland-- being there is another indication that he's gone) asked where he went on his trip this time and I found myself replying, "I have no idea. Missouri, maybe?" At first I was embarrassed that I didn't know where he was (he actually went a few different places this time)... but I quickly decided that next time, instead of admitting that I really don't know, I'm going to take note from Jack who looked right up at her and simply said, "An airplane."

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