Friday, April 9, 2010

Jack's Coffee

One of my mad skills is looking back and (usually) being able to see where I went wrong in any given situation that turned sour on me. As this beautiful morning is unfolding, my two year old is throwing a temper tantrum like I haven't seen come from him, ever. He's literally throwing himself on the floor, screaming, and running off to stumble onto his bed in such a dramatic way that I feel like I should give him an award for it when he's done. Why, you ask, is he acting in such a two-year-old manner on a sunny Friday morning? Well, it is because he, of course, wants. . . coffee. As I scan my memory to past events that would have led up to the dramatic morning my little Jack is having, I fall upon last night and the happenings at our home.

We hosted a birthday party for our niece, Micah, and toward the end of the evening Jack was getting tired. I joked that he needed some coffee. Jack jumped on the idea and kept exclaiming, "Coffee! Coffee!" So, I did what I can only assume every parent would do, and I took his sippy cup to the coffee pot and pretended to put coffee in it. I wish it ended there. It should have. But, because I am who I am, and I usually don't know when to stop, I kept going. I poured a little creamer (the taste-good vanilla kind) into his milk and shook it up for him. I handed it back to him and said, "Here you go, babe. Coffee." Like I said before, I have mad skills when it comes to seeing where I went wrong. That was it; that is where I went wrong. That is the reason my son is at my feet as I write this, sobbing, sippy cup in hand, crocodile tears streaming down his face...vanilla-creamer-milk. Or, in Jack's words, "Coffee!"


  1. trent LOVES real coffee, no creamer for him. Luke said if he wants it, he needs to drink it like a man- black! but i slip him some sugar ;). Jack is hilarious, although I am sure that while watching this tantrum, you weren't thinking he was too hilarious!

  2. Most things that happen in our house are funny... eventually. Hardly ever funny in the moment, but we're getting good at waiting, knowing they'll hit their stride in time. :)

    I LOVE that Luke told Trent to "drink it like a man." Now *that's* funny! :)