Sunday, June 27, 2010

Deer babies and DHS (Sometimes I come a bit too close to crazy)

This weekend was wonderful. Jeff was back in town and we got to enjoy the sunshine and spend some time outside - and besides Carter stepping on a nail that punctured the bottom of his foot and Jack getting a tick embedded in his skull - it was mostly uneventful.

Not much out of the ordinary happened (besides said injuries), but the following paragraphs will explain why my husband will never let me forget what, in his opinion, was one of the "highlights" of the weekend.

We live about 20 minutes outside of town so it's a nice drive and sometimes (actually pretty often) we get to see some wild life in the fields on our way. Jeff spotted a doe (a deer. A female deer) on the side of the road and I gasped as I saw her along with her two spotted babies. "TWINS! She has twins!" Anyone who has known me for long knows that I've prayed for twins every time I found out I was pregnant. Admittedly there are times when I get overwhelmed with the three kids I have, but if I knew I could have twins I'd be all for getting preggo again. Right now. Anyway, back to the story. The kids and I are super excited to see the deer and as we get even closer Jeff says, "Wait, look! She's got three babies!"

This is where I sort of lost it. I admit now that I was being a little (a lot) dramatic and it's ridiculous, but pretty much - embarrassing as it is - this is the tangent I went off on:

"WHAT!? She's got THREE babies!?! Why does she get triplets when I didn't even get twins? Look at her all smug-like just walking around with them, showing them off to everyone who wanted but never got multiples - Who does she think she is?" And possibly some other stuff about calling DHS because she was walking all of her babies on the railroad tracks (hello! Safety violation!), but you already get how unreasonable I was from the little bit I shared.

In my defense.... okay. I've got nothing. I was in a jealous rage over a deer-mom who had what I thought I always wanted (wait - three deer babies?? - mass confusion). I'm over it. Really. But I'd still have twins if I could. People-twins, not deer-twins, just to be clear.

Oh, and Jeff canceled my pre-scheduled DVR recordings of "Make Room for Multiples" on TLC just to help tone down the crazy.


  1. Wow...(sis...maybe we should contemplate the things we post on blogs??? People are going to start thinking that you're losing it) Love ya!

  2. This surprises you? Really? The "losing it" part started long ago, lemme tell ya... :) Love you too, sis.