Monday, June 7, 2010

Goal: A Servant's Heart

I have it pretty great. I'm not trying to brag, just trying to stay focused on the m.a.n.y. blessings in my life so as to not get discouraged when I'm doing the "little" things like laundry, dishes and mopping (etc.) today.


I have a husband who would literally die for me. I know he would; he loves me that much. I do hope he never has to, though. I'm a fan of having him around.

I have three amazingly wonderful children who I am so very much looking forward to spending the summer with. They are crazy-fun and quirky and they come up with stuff that constantly keeps me on my toes.

It is for these four people that I happily do laundry (happily is the goal, anyway). I am honored to wash their dishes, clothes and floors. I scrub the toilets and the sinks and wash the windows and mirrors so that they never have to think about it because I love them. I want to love them and serve them in this way because Jesus first loved me. I want to have a servant's heart-- even when I get treated as a servant (by Carter who thought it was hilarious to call me the butler. Once.). I don't get paid monetarily to do all of these things, but I feel like it's a huge blessing that it's the only "job" I have.

Don't get me wrong, our kids are learning how to help around the house and they have their "chores," but there are things that I do and I want my attitude to be right as I do them. I want to remember that it is a priviledge to have a house to clean. It is a priviledge to have a family to do all of this for. I don't want to take any of it for granted. I am grateful for the life that I have. I am grateful for my amazing husband and for our beautiful children... even when I am folding their clothes and finding (my) waterbottles full of worms under their beds as I clean.

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  1. Haha...he really called you the butler? That kid is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!