Monday, June 14, 2010

Raising Boys (I should have taken a class)

This morning I picked Carter up from school and took the boys into town to run some errands. Our last stop was grocery shopping (you know, saving the most painful for last). As I was shopping in the produce section Jack accidently dropped a little box of blackberries on the floor. I looked down and noticed that they fell everywhere and so I asked Carter to pick them up quickly and put them back in the box. I turned my back from the boys to pick out some other fruit and when I turned back toward them I saw (along with what I swear half the people in the store were gawking at), Carter scrambling all over the floor (on all fours) shovelling all the berries from the floor into his mouth as fast as he could. I gasped and said, "Carter!? I said put them in the box!" He just looked at me with a purple grin and blackberries all over his face and said, "I just remember you saying to pick them up quickly. That was pretty fast, huh Mom!?"
Do you think there's any chance that when I glanced at the people all staring at my son, they were shaking their heads out of sympathy and not complete shock and awe over what he was doing?
Yeah, me neither. It was judgement all the way. He was fast though, I'll at least give him that.

Lesson in humility #452. Check.


  1. bwahahahahahaha.....ahahahahahaha.....hehehehe....hahahaha....awhhahahahahah. I can totally picture that WHOLE scene. Amazing!

  2. Omgosh that is too funny!! Gotta love them boys huh?