Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Pants. She wears tight pants." (Think "France. We come from France.")

Side note: I know. But this is the first "side note" in a while, give me a break. Anyway. The side note is that the title is a bit much, but after writing it I read it over and laughed out loud at how dumb it was. So it stays.

I'm writing this on my blog because I know less people read my blog than a status update on FaceBook and it's too hilarious to keep to myself, but too embarrassing to post to FaceBook. Here it goes.

After my run today (in the garage on my treadmill; I don't just leave the kids in the house and take off) I came back in and sat down at my desk drinking some water and trying to cool down a bit. Natalie walks up to me, looks me up and down and goes, "Are those your pants?"

"Yes. They are."

"Oh... So they just had to really, really stretch to fit you?"

*Cue crickets.*

Admittedly, my running pants are tighter than any pants I'd ever wear in public (they have to stay up when I run for goodness' sake!) but it still didn't prepare me for that. If nothing else, my kids have repetedly taught me humility. For this I'm... thankful?


  1. bwahahahahaha. Welcome to the tight pants club sis! Don't worry...the Catherine Zeta-Jones "Entrapment" comments will be coming soon. How goes the training?

  2. Hahaha! I will n.e.v.e.r. forget that story!

    This week was a bit different. I'm trying to focus more on interval running and less on just running "long" runs. Today I was supposed to have my long run (hoping for 8 miles, but seriously I DON'T have the time to run that long!) but I have to pack for tonight and tomorrow-- laundry, cleaning up the house a bit, etc. and just can't fit it in. Tuesday I did 40 mins of intervals and 30 minutes of strength training. Wednesday I did 40 mins of intervals and then ran 2 miles afterwards, yesterday I was tired. So I did 45 minutes of inclined fast pace walking. I'm going to "save" my long run for Monday (we're gone all weekend) and then start my new week on Tuesday. We'll see. It's definitely a work in progress (that is super hard w/ three kids to keep entertained throughout!).

    Catherine Zeta-Jones. That's good stuff right there. Haha!