Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Reunion

We had a super fun and sun filled weekend. We haven't had the sun shining on our translucent white faces for quite sometime (seriously, we were starting to resemble the characters of Twilight) but we finally got our fix (of sun, not blood) and it was wonderful! We had a family reunion this weekend at the lake (Jeff's-Dad's-Mom's-family--you follow?). Technically we weren't camping (as when it was time to go to bed we piled into the Suburban and headed down to Jeff's parent's house to crash while they camped at the lake) but we got to spend some great times with family and we all had such a fun couple of days. I can honestly say that I L.O.V.E. his family. Laughing, teasing, and getting slaughtered at Cribbage all weekend. It was nice (besides the Cribbage beatings). Since the sun was out, the kids got to play in the lake, which they have been waiting for for about 10 months. Their smiles and laughter are so contageous I could listen to it for hours. I know it sounds obvious to say but seriously, I love those kids so much! They're pretty awesome, and it was a good weekend.

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