Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am wondering if it's because Jeff and I rock-paper-scissors to solve most of our disagreements (not really, but apparently we rock-paper-scissors often enough) that Natalie and Carter have discovered the art as well. They will rock-paper-scissors over who gets to check the mail, over who gets to sit in the middle, over who gets to pray first, over who has to take a bath with Jack and over who lets the dog out. Pretty much over anything. It's a great problem solver in our household and I love it because it saves me from the headache that is remembering who got to (do whatever) last time.

However, times are changin' and a certain little one is growing up too quickly. Jack is observing everything his older siblings do and he is taking mental notes of every single move. Apparently he thinks that any request is now a negotiation... thanks to rock-paper-scissors. I (very nicely) ask him to put his plate on the counter.... "Rock-paper-scissors, Mom!" "Uh, no. You need to do it." "Nooooo! Rock-paper-scissors! You do it!" Yeah, nice.

I admit, I love his creativity, the fact that his little brain is working, and that at such a young age he is already trying to figure out how to get out of work and do the least amount of whatever possible (sense the sarcasm). What I don't love so much anymore? Rock-paper-scissors.

This is a video clip (super short) of Jack demonstrating Rock-Paper-Scissors. He doesn't know what it means, he just knows that afterwards there is a winner (and it is always him).

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  1. What? I can't imagine an Eastburn trying to get out of dishes. I don't know if anyone told you Karey, but EVERY time after dinner, Jeff ALWAYS 'conveniently' had to go to the bathroom. Just sayin'- the kid comes by it honestly. (what would a little sister be without harassing her brother every once in a while?) Love you guys! Miss you lots!