Tuesday, May 11, 2010

List. No, New List. Whatever.

Remember that one time when I had a huge list of things to do, a goal per se, and I just kept sitting down at the computer for 8 minute intervals wasting the day because I was so unmotivated to do ANY of the things on my list? Remember how "shower before noon" was on the list along with run 4 miles beforehand and then remember when none of it got done during the timeline I had written out first thing? Yeah, that was today... right now actually. But hey, I got my list written! That should be sticker-worthy, eh? I think I need a new list. I'll write it and cross stuff off as I go. It's going to be the best list ever. Ready? Buckle up, this is going to rock your socks off--


1. Wake up. (Yay! Checked that one off first thing.)

2. Get out of bed. (Check. Although I'll admit, I waited a few minutes before accomplishing that one this morning but I can honestly say I did do it eventually.)

3. (This one is HUGE) Get kids ready and off to school. (Check! Double check. There are two of them that have to be ready by 7:30... AM. I know. I did not make the school schedule, believe me it would look a lot different if I had.)

4. Drink coffee. (Double check, again.)

5. Turn the pages of the "Where's Waldo" book a million times for Jack to find the same guy in the same places over and over again. (Check.)

6. Talk on the phone for one hour and 4 minutes with my bestie while she sips coffee accidently made with sour milk and I literally hear her all but throw up in the sink. (Check.)

That's as far as I've gotten today. Nice list, huh? I need to revise my "afternoon" list as it's gotten a lot longer due to my inactivity this morning. I might put "make revised morning list" as numero uno just so I feel better having a quick win. I'll let you know how it goes... but it might not be for a couple of days as clearly, I haven't been as on top of accomplishing things in an orderly fashion as I'd like.


  1. I seriously make my "to do" lists simple and easy to manage. Sure, there's the big projects on it but.....Like, I am really trying right now to read my Bible, every day. So, I put that first on my list. So, it gets crossed off first. Then, I put the things I do everyday (dishes, some laundry, etc. ) on there too. That way, I feel somewhat accomplished by the end of the day. It's all in the mind, Karey! All in the mind...( :

  2. Yes, Bible reading first. You know, it's usually the days that *that* slides by the radar that everything else does too. Hhhmmm. Maybe I should make yet another new list. ;)