Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty random useless information... but it's all I got.

I need to run, and I don't mean I need to get outta here. I literally need to run. Well, jog anyway. It's on my list. You know what's not on my list? Blogging. But here I am because the boys are playing (well!) with each other eating a snack and Jack's clearly not ready for a nap and running was the first thing on the list so I'm voting that it needs to be the first thing checked off... so I'm waiting to get it done before I get anything else done.

Over the past few weeks I've found something out about myself. I don't really like running. I don't like the actual act of it, it makes me sweaty and tired and I can rarely do it first thing in the morning (because I have to wake up first... okay, drink coffee) so I have to plan my whole day around it. I have to do it when Jack's napping and Carter has a project going (or cartoons on-- judge me, it's fine). It's a big hooplah.. that I don't love doing. But I've sort of become addicted to how I feel about myself when I'm done. I feel accomplished. I'm certainly not in shape or tone or whatever, but when I step off the treadmill after running a few miles I feel like I am. And I love it. I love knowing that I can do it.

Jeff helped me pick out some new running shoes on Sunday (seriously, if you've seen my old Adidas could you tell me where they are?). The casual Sketchers I've been "running" in lately were NOT working out so we got some new shoes and I adore them. I felt like I was walking on a cloud when I put them on. I love New Balance (made in the USA, baby!) and was super excited to run in them-- I still am. When will he show signs of being ready for a nap!?! I'm going to lose my motivation soon. No. I won't. I've still got the shoes--- and "ear buds" (thanks, Renee for telling me what the "headphones that go inside your ears" are called). They're new, too. I'm real excited to watch a movie on my little DVD player that sits on my treadmill (because seriously, maybe reading is better than watching a movie, but who can read and run at the same time?). Anyway, I'm real excited about actually being able to hear what I'm watching. This opens new doors for me. I can watch something other than Friends because I don't have to know all the lines beforehand-- Yay, me!

Wow, that was a really random-makes-no-sense-why-every-paragraph-is-an-introductory-paragraph-with-no-follow-up blog post. But I really felt pressure, not mentioning any names (Jeanna!), to write something. So, random as it may be, here it is...


  1. I've recently started eating better and trying to get more exercise. I've never been much of a jogger (too many times of Mr. Evans forcing us to run a mile, I guess!) but lately, I've been kinda "craving" it. I'm just around the corner from the elementary school w/ a full size track. It'd be really easy. Except, it's not. To get up early and do it.
    Hope you get your chance today!

  2. Wow...I got a blog AND running?! Of course I love it! If you lack motivation, you can always just picture Jack saying, "hot mama!" and get an ego boost at the same time???? Sorry to pressure you (but not really) but thanks for posting.