Monday, May 3, 2010


I woke up to the sound of rain this morning. To some, waking up this way might sound like a downer. You know, not waking up to sunshine pouring through the windows; the rays beautifully announcing the beginning of not only a fresh new day, but a new week, especially after the beautiful weekend we had. But I was not bummed when I heard the rain trickling off the roof into a puddle outside our bedroom window. I was thankful. Very thankful. Thankful that because I could hear the rain it meant that I wasn't hearing crying children. Because I could hear the rain I wasn't hearing a whining puppy ready to be let outside. Because I could hear the rain I wasn't hearing the blaring of an alarm clock screaming at me to jolt awake and rush to start my day. Because I could hear the rain I got to watch Jack sleep for a few minutes (he sleeps in my bed when Jeff's gone on trips). But most importantly it is because I heard the rain this morning that I got to lay in bed and listen for God for a few minutes; I got the chance to give him my day before it officially even started. Thank you Lord, for not only the rain, but for the perspective.

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