Monday, November 4, 2013

Did you realize it's November already!? Wasn't it August. . . yesterday?

Anyway, time is flying by as usual and life doesn't slow down for nothin'.

Halloween came and went - we had a great time at the Harvest Party at our church - a nice weekend at home and now it is Monday.



Soccer season is over which is fine with us since the rain has come and settled in for the winter it seems. My outdoor runs with the stroller are probably limited now, but I sure enjoyed them while I could. On Friday Jeff was home so I got the opportunity to go running with my friend (my running partner friend) and we pounded out 8 miles in 71 minutes. I'm pretty happy about that! It sort of makes me wish the half marathon was in February instead of in July since I (finally) have confidence about being able to actually do it! ;)

Fischer is getting sick again. Actually, in all honesty, he's been sick for a few weeks, but now we can tell it's the RSV crap that sticks with em' for months on end so we're settling in for the long haul. We've already broken out the humidifier, made the eucalyptus essential oil chest rub, and have his crib mattress set to an incline. Poor lil' guy. Hopefully it will pass quicker this year.

Natalie and Jack both have birthdays towards the end of the month (on the 20th and the 21st) and we've been planning for that. So far they haven't complained about sharing parties - they've just come to the realization that they need to agree - which is great for us! :) This year they each get to take a friend to the gymnastics open gym and then we'll pick up pizza and have their party with those friends plus our family (extended) that evening followed by a sleepover. They're pretty darn excited (and I'm excited that it came together so easily). I just can't believe they're going to be 11 and 6.  That part hurts my heart a bit, I'm not gonna lie. . . 

So anyway, you're officially caught up. Now I can make the standard, "I'll try to keep you updated more often" statement before I close.


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