Friday, November 29, 2013

low key

Thanksgiving this year was great. It was super low-key (note: it was us, my parents and my sister and that's it) but it was relaxing and yummy and we had a wonderful time nonetheless. Food was eaten. Laughs were had. Cards were played. Football was watched. Snuggles on the couch were perfect. It was a great holiday.

Today my parents took off for the weekend and we are having a low key day at home. Jeff is currently outside mending fences for the cows. The older kids are upstairs playing on their (new) mini-Foosball-table and Fischer is quietly taking a much needed nap. I just got off the treadmill (I ran 6 miles today making my total for the month {if I don't end up running again in the morning} over 60 miles - my "shortest" run was 5 miles and most of them were logged outside pushing the stroller - I'm pretty proud of myself!).

We're looking forward to dinner and cards with friends tonight and I'm taking the kids to the movies tomorrow while Jeff goes hunting.

These are my favorite kind of weekends. No alarms set. No stress. Just lots of down time, hugs, laughs, and relaxation.

{I feel that for the sake of transparency it should be noted that from the time I started typing this post out the the end of the last sentence the baby woke up crying, the older kids got in a fight, I had to dole out one spanking and put two kids in time-outs... Just keeping it real.}

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  1. We had a pretty quiet turkey day as well, only one dinner to go to, as opposed to the usual 2.
    Then, up at dawn to shop then home again to nap then to work at 5 then home to find out the Beavs lost by ONE POINT!!!!

    Glad you got real at the end as I was starting to not like you. ( :