Monday, November 25, 2013

The morning felt rushed (they all seem to somehow) and I was scurrying around getting lunches in backpacks, eggs and toast into the kids, making sure teeth were brushed and trying to look each of my amazing children in the eye to get a solid, "I love you!" in before they started their day.

I was feeling pressure. Pouring Jeff's coffee in his to-go mug and pulling his lunch out of the fridge for him to take to work. Changing the baby's diaper. Re-heating my coffee (again). Helping Jack tie his shoes. Zipping up coat zippers. Trying my best to remember to smile.

Then Jeff just stopped me. He turned me around so I was facing him and pulled me into a hug hold. The kind of hug that lasts more than just a quick second. He whispered in my ear, "You are such a good Mom. You are an amazing wife. Thank you for loving us so much."

Sometimes that's all we need.

A gentle reminder that all the little things we do matter.

That we are making a difference.

Sweet words can go far and I'm thankful for the moment that my husband took this morning to fill my heart with encouragement.

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