Wednesday, November 13, 2013

one and done

Jeff and I decided to quit coffee. 

As of this morning I was one day dry.

That lasted until this afternoon.

I love coffee and going without it for 24 hours just reaffirms how much my life is incomplete when I don't have it. 

It missed me - I missed it.

I told Jeff I was quitting the quitting nonsense.

We're both sane people again.

This is the end of the tragic-with-a-happy-ending story.

I heart coffee.
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  1. I read that first sentence and in my head, wrote the rest of the post. Seriously. I don't like coffee but I do know coffee people NEED coffee!! ( :

    1. Hold up - Jackie, you don't drink coffee!? How have we been friends for so long and I didn't know this!? So if we were to ever meet up for coffee sometime you'd drink (dare I even say it?) TEA???

      Can we even still be friends? Is that legal?