Thursday, November 7, 2013

I "kneed" to chill

In the middle of the night I woke up with horrible knee pain. It hurt as I would bend my leg it but would be fine once it was bent all the way and then if I tried to straighten it again it would hurt like crazy while straightening it and then be fine once it was all the way straight.

I couldn't even sleep because I was trying to figure out how I "injured" it. I did a strength training workout yesterday (but not a new one or one with heavier weights or anything) and then ran 2 1/2 miles in 20 minutes (which was a first - it was a bit quicker than usual) but still nothing I would have thought would cause such an injury.

Either way, my mind went out of control worrying (uselessly) about how it would impact my workouts the rest of the week and I almost woke up depressed over it.

I was determined to just rest today and see how I felt in the evening. I was "over it." I would just move on.

So why did I eat candy in the middle of the day (and feel like I was going to puke because of the sugar I'm not used to?) to "numb out" my frustrations (if you will)? 

This is not good. My life (and emotions!) will not revolve around exercise and/or injuries. I'm made for so much more than that. I love being healthy and fit and able to run and play with my kids and do all the activities that my weight held me back from before - but I will NOT let not being able to workout give me a negative attitude.

So there it is. Out there. My declaration that my identity is not found in my body's abilities to exercise nor is it found in the way it looks and/or feels.


Thanks for the outlet.

{That being said, I think I'm coming down with a stomach bug that may or may not have attributed to my emotional state. Just as a little disclaimer. I'm not normally this dramatic over such petty things.}

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