Tuesday, November 5, 2013

the way things work out

After dropping the kids off at school I got home and immediately started cleaning the house (to put off running, I thought). I vacuumed, did dishes, cleaned the main bathroom, finished up some laundry, and made a couple of phone calls (see how much I look forward to running?).

When I didn't think Fischer could hold open his sweet little eyes one moment longer (at about 10am) I put him down for a nap (which is the only time I can run on the treadmill during the day). Once he was out (which took about the same amount of time as it took for me to get my running shoes on) I hopped on the treadmill and ran for one hour (7 miles).

I pulled my ear buds out and step off the treadmill and the phone rings. It's Jack's teacher saying he's not feeling well. I talk to Jack. She was right, he's not feeling well. So I tell my Dad (who has just come in from doing barn chores) that I'm headed up to pick up Jack in case Fischer wakes up in the 10 minutes I'm gone.

Sometimes it just works out like that. Feeling rushed to get stuff done in the morning (chores, my run, it all felt rushed this morning) but right now I'm so thankful for that. I'm thankful that as I'm sitting here on my bed typing this out, my (almost) 6 year old is snuggled up next to me under my heated blanket about to fall asleep and all I have to think about is him. I love being available for times like this. There's no place I'd rather be.

I rushed around and got stuff done - not that I wouldn't just take the time to spend with him hadn't I done that, but it's just an added blessing that it's done - and I thought it was because of my run, but it was just God's way of working it all out so I could enjoy loving on my sweet boys today in a clean house with my workout finished. Just a gentle reminder that He cares about the little stuff too.

I'm thankful today for that.

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  1. This post had me nodding "yes yes YES!!" . It is what has been in my heart for the last 2 days but yet, I've been unable to put it into words, on my blog. Can I just copy/paste yours? LOL!! For obvious reasons, I will not. But, I need to figure out how to get these same feelings out and "on paper".

    Well said, my friend, very well said.